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Staff of Moshe


We find in the Torah many times that Moshe Rabbeinu is holding “the staff” when performing miricles and acting on behalf of Hashem as an emmisary to Paroh. [see Shemos 4:17, 17:5, ibid. 9]. We know that no detail in the Torah is arbitrary, especially when something is repeated numerous times. Can you please give some insight as to what the deeper meaning might be? Also there are many sources in chazal regarding the history of this staff (see Yalkut Chukas 108 that it belonged to Yaakov aveinu) such as it originating from gan eden…
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If I am understanding your question correctly, you mean to ask that we understand why Moshe held the staff when he performed miracles, as it was specifically thru this staff that Hashem wanted the miracles to be done. However, when he wasn’t doing the miracles, such as when talking to the Jews, what is the significance of him holding the staff?

The Siforno (Shemos 4-17) says that that Moshe’s holding the staff, was not only in order to actually perform the miracles, but also as a symbol, tha t Hashem gave him the authority to perform those miracles. This was an important message that the Jews had to see, when Moshe came to them. The reassurance, that this is what Hashem wants, and the power of it’s happening is even here for them to see. Therefore, Hashem instructed Moshe to take the staff with him when he goes to talk to the Jews.

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