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Working on Shabbat


I am a radiologist and in my work, I have to work on Shabbat in the morning once or twice a month otherwise I would lose my job. What can I do?



This type of situation is a tremendous nisayon and can really test a person’s emuna. Our grandparents in America gave up their jobs once a week in order not to be mechalel Shabbat. If you will be working in a Jewish hospital, that is catering to Jewish patients, and they will need the X-rays done on Shabbat in order to heal life threatening illnesses, that is one thing, as it is saving lives (when applicable). Otherwise it can be very problematic. Maybe try negotiating with them and work even extra hours for free to make up for not being flexible with Shabbat. We know that shabbat is the mikor habracha, the source of blessing, and even if a person has a temporary loss, because of shmirat Shabbat, Hashem will surely reward you, and compensate you for the loss. Either with a better job, or possibly with things in life that are more important that a job, such has good children, health, shalom bayis, and most important of all a great reward in the world to come.

May Hashem give you the strength to withstand this difficult situation, and b’ezrat Hashem you will only grow and gain from it.

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  1. I just heard a shiur that there were 2 kibbutzes on the Gaza border that were Shomer Shabbos and they were not harmed by the terrorists on Simchas Torah while around them, the non-Shomer Shabbos ones were slaughtered Hashem Yishmor.

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