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My Daughter’s status


I went through a conversation while pregnant with my daughter. Her Father was a Cohen and thought he no longer was a cohen because of my pregnancy and because I was a convert. Our daughter was born and two years later we married (Jewish ceremony) our daughter attended Jewish schools and went through an intense conversion to become an Orthodox Jew. She now wants to marry a Kohen and she is being prohibited from marrying him.

Can she marry a Cohen?




Your daughter is considered a convert, and a convert may not marry a Cohen. This is for two reasons, firstly, because a fetus is considered to have converted together with her mother. Even if there might have been issues with the validity of your conversion, and therefore she went through the conversion process again, that definitely would give her the status of a convert, and she would not be permitted to marry a Cohen. We believe, that “marriages are made in Heaven”, and if your daughter is given a clear directive from heaven that this particular man is not suitable for her, it is obvious clear that this man is not her real soulmate. G-d willing, she will find her real soulmate, and she will be much happier marrying the other person that this man that she wants to marry at this point.

May we hear good news in the near future.

Best wishes


שולחן ערוך יורה דעה סימן רסח סעיף ו “עובדת כוכבים שנתגיירה והיא מעוברת, בנה אין צריך טבילה. וע’ באבן העזר סימן ו סעיף ח “וכן הגיורת והמשוחררת, אפילו נתגיירה ונשתחררה פחותה מבת שלש שנים, הואיל ואינה בת ישראל … ואסורה לכהן”


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  1. I heard of a story like this and the man checked with his Rabbi and it came out that he was not a Cohen.
    Hey, who knows…

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