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Sources in Baba Bathra 14b


Who is R. Johanan in Baba Bathra 14b? Is this Johanan ben Zakkai or Johanan bar Nafcha? And how would we know? Many kind thanks!!




It is definitely not R’ Yochanan Ben Zakkai, as he was Tanna, who lived in the time of the Second Temple (3713- 3833) and was the Nasi at that time. The person quoted in the gemora was R’ Yochanan, who was the first generation of the Amoraim, who lived approx. in the year 3990- 4100, a contemporary of Resh Lakish, Rav and Shmuel.

There were quite a number of Tannaim with the name Yochanan, R’ Yochanan Hasandler, R’ Yochanan Ben Nuri, R’ Yochana ben Hachorani, R’ Yochana Ben Bag Bag, R’Yochana ben Nura, R’Yochanan ben Broka, R’ Yochana Ben Godgoda, however I have never heard of R’ Yochana ben Nafcha. There is however a R’ Yitzchok Nafcha, who was a generation younger that R’ Yochanan the Amora.

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