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A moon with Facial Features and Stained Glass image of Moon

Question: 1. Am I allowed to paint a moon with facial features and five pointed stars? 2. I have made a stained glass scene of a man wearing tefillin and playing a harp with a mountain and water in the background. The moon is visible in the sky and the reflection of the moon is […]

Challenging the beis din that made a mistake in their ruling

Question: If a beis din made a factual error in their ruling and later verbally acknowledged it but still is not interested to change it (we are sure they are bias), may we go to another beis din to get a “permission to go to court”? Or possibly claim the other beis din to a […]

Pronunciation of the last latter in Hebrew without a dagesh

Question: I, as an Ashkenazic Jew, am one of many with a family history of pronouncing the last Hebrew letter as saf (e.g. Berashis), however, growing up, I was often exposed to Israeli culture and their pronunciation of the letter as taf. The latter is what I adopted from an early age. However, recently, viewing […]

First evidence of Mashiach

Question: Shalom, I wondered what’s the first evidence that the Jewish people believed in the concept of Mashiach (the figure of the Messainic era/age)? Of course there are well known scriptures referring to Mashiach, but there needs to be a point where we started to identify them as such. So what’s the first reference we […]

Received duplicate product from online company, their mistake

Question: I received a duplicate product a week after receiving the one I paid for. The company is a non-Jewish company in Utah. They would not know I am Jewish. They have not asked for the duplicate product back. Am I obligated to let them know and try to send it back? The product is […]

Maaser money on sale of a home

Question: I sold a home, bought an apartment, performed shipputizm on the latter, & still realized a profit. Question: am I required to give maaser on the net profit on the sale/purchase of my homes? Many thanks. Answer: Please clarify your question. Did you sell the apartment afterwards? Am I to understand that you sold […]


Question: In response to the question about making a siyum – I wanted to point out that while indeed one can make a fleishige siyum even during the week of Tisha Bav (although, of course, there are restrictions as to who may partake of the meat at such a siyum), Rav Moshe, zt”l, felt that […]

Reliance upon non-kosher kitchen, cholov Yisroel

Question:   Is one allowed to buy coffee from a non-Jewish shop that has Cholov Yisrael? Must I be concerned that the non-Jew will change the milk? Answer: The question is vague and I will try to address a number of scenarios. There is a situation in which you know that in the past the […]

Using Microwave Ovens for Dairy and Meat

Question:   I am curious about the use of microwave ovens for both milchig and fleishig. Is it permissible to use a microwave for both as long as they are covered and the microwave is kept clean, or is it preferable to use it for only one or the other? Does using a milk plate […]

Seudas hoda’ah during the nine days

Question: My life was in danger and my life was spared by an event that I attribute to Hashem’s intervention. Is it permissible or advisable to have a seudas hoda’ah every year with meat/wine on the anniversary of this event? If yes, who would be permitted to attend? Answer: If a person recognizes that he […]

Can a Righteous person father an evil Person?

Question: Ramban (Netzovim 29:17) writes that anyone whose heart is with G-d will not have an idolatrous child. Is he saying that anyone who is righteous will have righteous offspring? What about Yishai who never sinned, but his son David did sin? See also King Yosam son of Uzziah described in Succah 45b. He had […]

9 Days – Ironing out 1 wrinkle

Question: Is it permissible to iron 1 wrinkle/crease that is on the cuff of my pants during the 9 days? Answer: Shulchan Aruch forbids ironing from Rosh Chodesh until after the fast.[1] While there are various interpretations for the Hebrew word gihutz, Rav Moshe Feinstein confirms that the activity which we call ironing with an […]

9 Days – Wearing new belt- Shabbos Chazon

Question: Before Rosh Chodesh Av I purchased a new belt. I tired it on at the store and after Rosh chodesh I would  like to wear it. May I wear a new belt  during the none days? If not, May I wear it  on Shabbos Chazon? Answer: During the nine days there are numerous restrictions. […]

Contributing to the Community Eruv

Question: Are members of a community required to contribute to a community eruv in order to use it? What in the city would disqualify having an eruv? Answer:   Generally, all residents should contribute towards such communal needs as a shul, a sefer Torah, and chessed funds. Even if one were to claim that he […]