If someone BIT off a piece of chicken (didn’t chew) and spit it out. Does he have to wait 6 hours.


There are two reasons why we wait 6 hours after eating meat. Since meat has a strong after taste, which stays on the palate and in the throat, and secondly because the meat gets stuck between one’s teeth when chewing it. Biting down on something, when done with one’s teeth, will cause the meat to get stuck in between them. It doesn’t matter how many times the person bites down. Therefore he has to wait six hours.

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Rambam Hilchos Ma’acholos Asuros 9-28, Y;d 89-1 Taz ibid 1.

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  1. What about Rabbi Akiva Eiger, Yad Yehuda and others that only an hour is necessary in this case, based on the Rema? Even the Badei Hashulchan, not known for his leniencies is meikel here…

    • The person asking the question was asking on the premise that when chewing one does have to wait six hours, and he wantd to know if biting is differant. (At least that is how I understood his question)
      Secondly, most poskim don’t rule like the Badei Hashulchan on this. See the Taz and Shach are not mechalek like this, see Chochmas Adom 40-12, Aruch Hashulchan 89-4 (that one can be leneint only if he cleaned his teeth, but other wise not), Pischei Halacha 8 ftnt. 58, Hakashrus 10-32, Orchos Habayis 7-14.

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