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If you ate milchigs after fleishigs, are you still fleishigs?


If you ate accidentally milchigs after fleishigs (within 6 hours), are you still fleishigs? May you eat more milk products?


If you ate milchigs after fleishigs, for example you ate cheese two hours after eating meat… you are now milchigs and fleishigs. (You can now be a vegetarian for a few hours). there are two reasons that we wait after eating meat, the first reason is because of meat that is still stuck in between ones teeth, and secondly because the meat taste is still stuck to the palate and throat. Therefore just because someone drank milk after eating meat, that will not take the meat taste or pieces from between ones teeth or throat. Therefore one may not drink more milk now. On the contrary, since he now has both meat and milk in between his teeth, he may not mix meat with the milk of milk with the meat!

A person that ate meat at 12pm, and then drank milk at 4pm, may drink milk again at 6pm, because he is no longer fleishigs. He may also eat meat then, as he is also no longer milchigs.  However if ate the hard cheese at 4pm, while he may eat more cheese at 6pm since he isn’t fleishig anymore, he may not eat meat until 10pm, six hours from when he ate the hard cheese.

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  1. In the first sentence does it mean to say “now” instead of “not”? Is it a typo?

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