Saying Christmas

Is it permitted to say the word “christmas”? Answer: This is permitted. Although it is not permitted to say the name of idols and gods, in this case the reference… Read more »


St. Mary’s

1.Can you refer to a school saint Mary’s by that name ie in terms of mentioning the avodah zorah or for eg the place Saint Louis 2. I asked the… Read more »


Selling Inscribed Pen

I am a Jew and I sells on amazon, am I allowed to sell this item? Answer: Yes, this is permitted. Whether Christianity is considered idolatry or not depends… Read more »


Sun Costume

A nursery was putting on a play and the children are dressed up as the sun, moon, and stars. Is making childrens costumes (3 dimensional items) made to look like… Read more »


Idol in Store

A fruit shop here has an avoda zara (Buddha or similar)in the back of the store. Customers were told either that the idol is present to “bring blessing to the… Read more »



Is is permissible to practice yoga? Answer: The question is quite broad. Please read these past questions and answers and be more specific in your question if you still have… Read more »