Is there any Avodah Zara issues involved in burning incense sticks made in India? They are sold by


These incense sticks are often used as an offering to an avoda zara, (as attested to by the owner of the company), however the actual sticks that they are selling are not necessarily sold for that purpose. Therefore halachically it is not forbidden to buy their products. Had they been previously used to burn in front of the avoda zara it would be forbidden to have any benefit from it, however in this instance it is not the case).  However regarding numerous questions associated with avoda zara, in particular when it technically isn’t avoda zara, the poskim say that nevertheless “mechur hadavar” -disgusting, and we should try to distance ourselves from avoda zara as much as possible therefore it is permitted but not at all recommended. If someone needs fragrances, there are other places to get it that don’t have such a backround


Y:D 139

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