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Staying in a hotel with crucifixes?


Is there any halachic problem with staying the night in a hotel containing symbols of avoda zara — such as a crucifix.

On an upcoming business trip, I have been bought a hotel night at a hotel that is attached to, and managed by, a church. Although the hotel is not a church itself, I can see from TripAdvisor photos that there are crucifixes hanging on the wall.

Does this pose any halachic problem?


Although it is distasteful for a Jew to sleep in a room that has such symbols on the walls  it is not halachically forbidden to sleep in the room. However you should preferably not daven in that room, and if you have no choice at least it should not be facing the avod zara. Additionally you should be careful not to bend down to pick something up in front of it, as it will look like you are bowing down to it.

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Shulchan Aruch O:CH 94-8, M:B 29-30, Chayei Adom 23-5.

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