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medical check ups


Thank you for your help.
My question deals with going to a health care office that may have non kosher statues in them. I am a bal teshuva and years ago (I do not remember if the office had any of these statues, but want to be prepared if/when going to an appointment) I was put on a certain health treatment. It has come to my attention that this treatment needs to be updated/ checked for proper doses (it is “holistic and natural” in nature, however taking blood will probably be necessary to check hormone levels, which will help to determine if a new dose of the medicine is appropriate…). My question is: if I make an appointment to visit this health care provider, and they have statues that are not kosher in the office (again not sure if they will, but want to know what to do…) am I required to cancel the appointment? Is there any prohibition to be treated by a health facility that has these non kosher statues as decor? Would being treated by them in any way indicate that I was (G-d forbid) complying or validating the non kosher statues?
Thanks very much for your help and guidance, it is sincerely appreciated.


It is allowed because you are not worshiping the statues at all, and you have nothing to do with them. There is a prohibition to enter a house of worship of avoda zara, but there is no prohibition to enter a house just because it contains an avoda zara.

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Avoda Zara 44b, Y:D  142-14.

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