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BUying from a thrift shops that is run by a church.



I have halachic question to ask.
One of the thrift shops was run by a church called St. Vincents. They run it just like the thrift shop next door, both for profit, but they have a tag on each item — “thanks for supporting St. Vincent’s church”.

Can I buy there because as far as I’m concerned, its no different than any other thrift shop, or is it forbidden because I’m supporting in some way a church?
Natan suggested that the money might be going to the church charity than the actual support of the church services, but he doesn’t know.

This is important because I bought 5 shirts there. Also, since they’re bought already can I keep them if the psak is you can’t buy there l’chatchila?
I bought them because I thought Natan had considered the question and OK’d it, but when I asked him, he said he didn’t know.


We are not allowed to do business that will support a church, therefore you should not buy things there in the future.  Regarding using the shirts themselves, since the shirts were not used for the actual service of the avodah zara they are permitted to wear.


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