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Jews and Christmas


Hello Rabbi!

I was born and raised in a Jewish home. In college I met a girl that was not raised in a Jewish home. She became interested in Judaism and eventually worked towards conversion. We have been married for around 8 years and are cultivating a Jewish lifestyle and cultivating a Jewish home. We now have a child and never thought twice about a Jewish upbringing for him. We are proud Jews! My wife has let go of every single religious part of per past.

There is, however, one part that gives us trouble each year. When Christmas comes around, my wife insists that we go to her parents house and enjoy time with them next to a tree covered in lights and exchange presents. I have warned her that I think it will be damaging to our two year old’s Jewish upbringing. She says he has strong roots and we should not fear other’s cultures. She also says it is important to respect her parents in this way.

Please provide us some perspective.



I understand your dilemma. Please see the following post, where a very similar question was discussed.


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