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Doing work for a Charedi client who is selling statues on Amazon


I run a U.S. business that files trademarks for frum businesses. We have a Charedi client from Monsey who sells a number of products on Amazon and has used our company in the past to file for trademark protection. He sent us a request to file a trademark application for a “saint joseph statue Home Seller Kit with Prayer Card and Burial Instructions – the “degradation” of the saints.” Can we file a trademark application for such goods?


What a shame that a Jewish person should look to make money selling something like this! Personally I wouldn’t want to get involved in such an operation, however from a technical halachic standpoint it is not forbidden to file the trademark for them. The reason is because you are not actually helping him sell his avoda zara’s, or produce them. but you are only preventing others from damaging him, which would not be considered lifnei iver. Therefore it isn’t considered assisting him in his aveiro.

May H-she help all of us get our parnassa in a kosher way.


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