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Chametz Hotplate on Pesach


I wanted to ask whether there is any way to use my hotplate that I use the whole year on Pesach. Of course I’ll clean it well and cover it with thick foil.


Kashering the electrical hotplate for Pesach is as follows:

Clean it very well (grease remover etc.), turn on for 1 hour, then pour on it boiling water. Lastly cover it with 2 layers of thick aluminum foil (50 micron).

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    1. if it can not be kasherd safely it should not be used on Pesach

  1. I have been told by experts that putting foil on the platta makes it reach dangerously high temperatures which are unsafe for the platta. Kindly comment.

    1. I never heard of such a thing ands it is quite common to do.

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