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What does one do with Elihayu Hanavi’s cup after the seder?


I saved the wine that I left for Eliyahu Hanavi at the Seder as he did not drink it (or at least he did not drink all of it ;) ). I was wondering if there is any problem with using this wine for another mitzvah such as Shabbos kiddush?

It may be relevant that I would not otherwise buy another bottle of wine and if I don’t use this wine, I would use grape juice which is what I usually use. But the wine from the Seder would be a special treat rather than throwing it away. Thanks in advance.


As long as the wine was poured back into the bottle on Seder night (or covered), it may be used afterwards. There is a custom (quoted in the name of the Chasam Sofer) to use it for kiddush. Others (those who fill Eliyahu’s cup before the fourth cup) use it to fill the fourth cup of the seder participants.

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