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Maaser from gifts

Must one take maaser from gifts they receive. i.e. a chosson and kallah who receive tons of gifts and checks, how should they go about taking masser?

Also, can one use maaser to pay membership dues at a shul?


One should give ma’aser from all cash that one receives, including gifts and inheritence. However, if the donor insists that you do not give ma’aser (for example, if a child receives financial support from his parents, and the parents point out that if the child gives ma’aser they will have to give him more money), you should not do so.

Regarding gifts that are not money, most Poskim to not require ma’aser to be separated, and so is the custom.

With regard to paying membership dues to a shul, if one is obliged to do so and in the absence of paying membership one will not receive a place in the shul, one may not use ma’aser money for this. If, however, one can daven there anyway and receive a place even without paying membership, the membership fee is in effect a donation to the shul and may be paid from ma’aser money. (

If part of the membership is used to cover the fees of those who cannot afford it, that part is tzeddaka and can be paid from ma’aser money.)

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