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Getting Engaged In The 3 Weeks

getting engaged during the 3 weeks ideal yes or no. tried looking in shulchan aruch but no lekatchilah clearly


One may get engaged during the 3 weeks, and even to have a small engagement do for family and friends. This should not be done in the 9 days. However, it is permitted throughout the period to make an engagement official and for the parents to meet (vort). This can be done lechatchilah, because the modern-day engagement paves the way for the marriage. See Mishnah Berurah 551:16.

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  1. My Daughter and her boyfriend have asked for my permission to get married. How long should they be engaged for before getting married.
    Thanking you
    Tyrone Lipman

    1. They should be given enough time to prepare. This includes physical, technical preparations, and also preparations of study the laws of ritual purity, and mental/emotional preparation for marriage. The standard time for most religious communities is approx. three months, but there are no fixed boundaries.

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