getting engaged during the 3 weeks ideal yes or no. tried looking in shulchan aruch but no lekatchilah clearly


One may get engaged during the 3 weeks, and even to have a small engagement do for family and friends. This should not be done in the 9 days. However, it is permitted throughout the period to make an engagement official and for the parents to meet (vort). This can be done lechatchilah, because the modern-day engagement paves the way for the marriage. See Mishnah Berurah 551:16.

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  1. My Daughter and her boyfriend have asked for my permission to get married. How long should they be engaged for before getting married.
    Thanking you
    Tyrone Lipman

    • They should be given enough time to prepare. This includes physical, technical preparations, and also preparations of study the laws of ritual purity, and mental/emotional preparation for marriage. The standard time for most religious communities is approx. three months, but there are no fixed boundaries.

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