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Libun for Grill

Does a Barbeque grill need libun gomur if one uses one that belongs to a non-Jew, or does it kasher itself from the fire it is in? If it needs libun, if it is put in the fire of the coals and it is actually INSIDE the fire, is this considered libun gomur?


The grill does require full libun (libun kasheh)it is the classic case mentioned in the Gemara of the requirement of libun. Being inside the fire is not necessarily enough, because full libun requires a very high temperature (hot enough for sparks to fly off (poskim write that the heat required is approx. 370 degrees Celsius). This degree of heat can be reached by means of a special burner, which has to be directed for several minutes at each part of the grill that comes into contact with meat.

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