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Store guarantee for faulty merchandise


I have a sign in my store saying that I am not a manufacturer but only an importer, and therefore I cannot take responsibility on anything that happens with the clothing AFTER it was used. However I will do my best to try and get whatever I can possibly get for them, from the company. I have a woolen skirt that does not look very nice after it was washed, because the pressed down pleats are opening up, and it can not be pressed down again. It could be worn still but it is certainly not as pretty as it was originally. The company doesn’t want to do anything about it. Am I obligated to compensate them on part of the amount they spent?


If this fault is a result of bad quality merchandise which the buyer was unaware of, you may be obliged to refund the money. If however it is clear from your sign that this kind of thing might happen, or if you warned the buyer in advance that this is likely to happen, you would not have to pay.

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