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Envoys for Mitzvos and Aveiros

Question about shlichus: Why is it that when I send a shaliach to do a mitzvah for me, let’s say like lighting chanukah candles in a case where I accepted Shabbos, I get credit for the mitzvah, but If I send a shaliach to do something assur, he gets (negative) credit for the aveirah and not me?


The answer to this is that wherever shlichus exists, the shaliach (envoy) is considered as the “extended hand” of the person who sends him. and the ‘credit’ goes to the sender rather than the ‘hand.’ In the case of an aveirah, however, the concept of shlichus does not apply at all–because the shaliach ought to listen to Hashem rather than to the person instructing him– and therefore the (negative) credit goes to the shaliach, rather than to the person who sent him.

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