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Covering Hair for a Divorcee

My friends and I were having an argument whether a married woman even for a few weeks which is now a non virgin may uncover her hair when she divorces? I thought a MARRIED girl may not show her hair to other men besides her husband. Please can I know the halacha?


Even after a short marriage, a divorced woman must cover her hair. However, the halachah concerning a divorced or widowed woman is less severe than the halachah concerning a married woman.

Sources: See Even Ha’ezer 21:2, and Beis Shmuel 5 (see also Perishah, Chelkas Mechokek; Be’er Heitev); see Iggros Moshe, Even Ha’ezer I, no. 57, who explains that the status of a divorcee or widow remains less stringent than that of a married woman.

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