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Haman’s Shekalim

What was Haman thinking in megillas ester on purim? Wasn’t he a slave to Mordechai and therefore considered a Jew, and therefore all of his possessions get transferred to his master? What was he thinking anyways buying the jews for 10,000 silver shek?


On a pshat level, Haman clearly didn’t consider himself a slave, and his payment was to be permitted to do with the Jews as he wished.

Chazal imply a deeper layer by stating that Haman was rosh lekil hakonim, meaning head of all buyers. With melech referring to Hashem, Haman “bought” the Jews, who Hashem, as it were, rejected for their disobedience. In the end, it was revealed that the Jews are never rejected absolutely, and they always remain the Chosen of Hashem.

Tosafos (Megillah 16a) write that the ten thousand shekels corresponded to the donations of 600,000 Jews. Haman meant to displace the Jews and their destroyed service to Hashem. In the end, it was revealed that the Jews, even in exile and in times of destruction, are not replaceable.

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