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Torah Outlook on Gay Relationships

What is the Torah outlook on gay relationships?


The Torah does considers gay relationships (between men) an ‘abomination’ (Lev. 18:22), and prohibits homosexual relationships with the utmost severity. This is not only because of the inability of gay couples to bear children, but also because of the inherent flaw in the relationship: God created all forms of life with a male and female form, and sexual intimacy is reserved for the context of the male-female connection.

As with every community, there are Orthodox Jews who are born with or develop homosexual tendencies. When such tendencies surface, the individual is generally referred to professionals who offer guidance and councel in a religious framework.

I realize that this approach does not resonate with the modern trend towards freedom of individual choice in all matters, and certainly in matters of sexual conduct. Yet, the Torah is an eternal code of instruction, and there are some things that the Torah is entirely explicit about, this being one of them.

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