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Damaged Vacuum Cleaner

Over pesach we rented a furnished apartment. Even though it was supposed to be cleaned for pesach, certain things were not done – ex. they didn’t touch the couch and we had to vacuum it. While using the vacuum (which was slightly broken) normally, some external parts started to overheat and melt, and the cord retractor no longer works. The vacuum still works, but it is not in great condition. Are we obligated to buy them a new vacuum, or since it just got more broken during normal usage we are not?
thank you


If only normal use was made, there would not be an obligation to pay for the damage, in keeping with the ruling of meisa machmas melachah–a borrowed or rented item that was damaged in the course of regular use.

However, one must ensure that there is no special clause in the rental contract that obligates payment.

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