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Reform Conversion

Halachaicly Jewish:
I am a Jew living in Ohio and I have a few people in my life who are converts through the reform synsgoge. I have long had questions as to whether they are truly Jews and I am feeling that they are not. If this is the case, do I have an obligation to discuss this with these people. One is my sister in law and thus all of her children. If I know another person who says that they are Jewish but whose mother was a reform conversion, do I have an obligation to discuss this matter with them also as they are not orthodox and perhaps do not know Jewish Law?


Rav Moshe Feinstein writes that converts of a Conservative conversion are not valid converts, because the dayanim on the Conservative Beis Din are disqualified–apart from possible problems in the procedure itself. This is certainly the case for a Reform conversion. Therefore, the converts in question are not Jewish according to halachah. You have to consider whether it will be productive to discuss this with the people in question, and this, in turn, might depend on their willingness to take on an Orthodox lifestyle, and go through an Orthodox conversion. This is no light matter, and depends on the people involved.

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