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Complying with Pesak of Beis Din

Someone has been causing damage to my property. I took him to Beis Din and Beis Din ruled that he had to rectify the problem. He has not yet complied with the psak din. What is considered a reasonable period of waiting for the other party to fulfill his obligation. If he does not comply – do I have to call him again to Beis Din – or is it enough that I draft a letter asking Beis Din to enforce their psak.


A reasonable waiting time is thirty days, unless otherwise stated.

Having received a pesak, there is no need to call the other party again to beis din. Rather, you should inform the beis din that the pesak is being complied with, and ask them how you should proceed.

If he does not comply with the pesak, you would be entitled to try to enforce the decision by means of law enforcement agencies (courts, and so on).

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