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Eating for Pleasure

Is it a sin to eat for pleasure?


The Torah writes “ta’amu u’re’u ki tov Hashem,” “taste and behold that Hashem is good.”

This is an instruction to experience the goodness of the world. When we experience the “good taste” of the world, we experience the goodness of Hashem.

It is thus fine to eat for pleasure, with the intention of knowing that Hashem is the source of the pleasure, and to thank Him for providing it.

However, although there is no formal prohibition, it is certainly not ideal to eat solely for the purpose of pleasure-seeking. We were not placed in the world for the sake of pleasure, and we should always seek some purpose beyond the pleasure we experience.

Note that on Shabbos, which is “me’ein olam habah,” eating for pleasure is itself a mitzvah.

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