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Copying Photo

i recently took professional pictures, I’m just wondering if there is any halachic problem of color copying the professional photograph so I can have a copy without paying the exorbitant fee? thank you so much!


The photograph is yours, and therefore there is no problem in making a copy of it.

For the question of copyrighted material, please see the comments below.

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  1. Bkavod Harav, the photos usually have a copyright on the photo by the professional photographer, and stores that contain color copiers have policies to not allow people to copy photos that are copyrighted. Is the Rav allowing one to ignore the copyright on the photo or was the above teshuva assuming there was no copyright?

    1. If the photos are copyrighted, and the copyright is legally binding, then it would not be permitted to copy the pictures in infringement of copyright law. This question will depend on the general question of copyrighted material, concerning which there is a debate among poskim. Most authorities concur that where copying is against the law, one may not copy the material in question. However, the copyright is often limited to commercial use, and not to use for personal purposes. This should be verified before making copies.

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