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Levi and Leviathan


In the book of Job 40:20 name Leviathan is mentioned. My question is: the Leviathan – is it someone who belongs to the tribe of Levi? to the tribe which descended from Levi, son of Jacob?

Yours faithfully,
Sergei Osankin.


The Leviathan of Job (40:25) refers not to a person, but to a great sea creature (a whale).

However, the link between the Leviathan on one hand, and the tribe of Levi on the other, is made by the Zohar (II, 11b), and by many kabbalistic sources in its wake.

The link, in a nutshell, is related to the reward of future times, whose greatness is expressed in terms of the great Leviathan. This reward is related specifically to Levi, who represents the attribute of ‘din,’ judgment — for all reward is given in judgment.

Best wishes!

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