Can one remove garbage from a garbage pail on shabbos or yom tov to another location like garage due to odor or fullness? Can one put the garbage out before yom tov so that the garbage men can pick it up on yom tov? If so can the pail be brought back into the house on yom tov after pick up?


If there is a foul odor, which is of course uncomfortable to live with, it is permitted to remove the garbage pail on Shabbos, provided that this is within the private domain (or there is a valid eruv).

This is because the garbage is considered a graf shel re’i, something disgusting, which is permitted to move in spite of muktzeh restrictions.

If the pail is suitable for further use on Shabbos, it is permitted to bring it back.

It is permitted to take out the pail before Shabbos (or Yom Tov), for it to be collected by the sanitory workers on Shabbos. This is because the workers are doing their work for the government or municipality, and not for the private individual.

It is not permitted to return the pail after it has been emptied. Because the pail was muktzeh at the beginning of Shabbos, it remains muktzeh for the entire Shabbos.

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  1. This is the other psak that seems to say it is ossur to bring back after emptied.

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