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Proposing on Shabbos

Is it permissable for a boy to propose on Shabbos? I’ve never heard anywhere that it’s assur but it doesn’t seem right.


I don’t see any problem with proposing on Shabbos.

There is no melachah involved, and it can’t be defined as an “act of preparation for weekdays,” because it is something that the boy wants now (meaning, he wants the girl’s consent on Shabbos), so that I don’t see any formal prohibition.

Indeed, in the zemiros we mention, “u-leshadech ha-banos.” If shidduchim are permitted, then surely proposals are, too (what are shidduchim for…).

Technically, however, one usually makes a small “party” (or “vort”) after the couple’s agreement to wed, and it might be a little complicated to have this done on Shabbos, and might well lead to making preparations on Shabbos for Motzaei Shabbos (and so on), so that depending on circumstances, it may be preferable to wait.

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