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Electronic Display in Shul

Recently a shul did some work in it’s shteibelach and put up computer screens to display for example “morid ha’tal”, the day of sefira, and other “helpful” reminders, etc. The screens were put up right above where the shliach tzibbur davens and is mafria from the Shliach Tzibbur at times, and as well has bothered many of those davening there during their tefillos (as the computer screen changes from one thing to another and draws peoples attention.) It seems to be from the poskim that such a thing should be removed (as it causes a hesach ha’das) and placed in a different, less distracting place. Is it reasonable to petition the Rov of the shul to have this removed and placed somewhere else?


It is certainly reasonable to approach the Rav concerning the matter, and informing him of the disturbance it causes. It would not be appropriate to make “demands” of the Rav, but rather of informing him of the matter, and allowing him to consider it.

The Rav will have to weigh the benefits of the screen against its problems, and come to a decision. It is true that halachic sources view matters of disturbance with severity, and the Rav will surely take this into account.

Best wishes.

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