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Asei Docheh Lo Ta’asei

When are the times when we don’t say “oseh docheh lo s’aseh”?


There are many instances where a mitzvas asei does not defer a mitzvas lo ta’asei.

One instance is where the lo ta’asei is strengthened by a mitzvas asei of its own.

Another is when the asei is not fulfilled at precisely the same time as the transgression of the lo ta’asei, as Tosafos in Gittin mention, such as digging earth for covering blood (of fowl) on Yom Tov.

Poskim debate whether an act required for a mitzvah, but not the mitzvah act itself, defers a lo ta’asei. This matter is famously debated by the Turei Even and  by the Noda Biyhuda.

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  1. Where is the Turei Even and Noda B’Yehuda?

    (I was looking for a more “general” response like you provided, thank you. But if I do have a more specific question, rest assured I’ll submit it :).

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