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Inviting Guests During Aveilus

May an avel invite guests for Shabbos and Yom Tov?

(a) in general
(b) for purposes of kiruv
(c) if they were invited before he became an avel?


(a) In general, the custom is to refrain from inviting guests during aveilus. This is based on the Taz (385), and the custom is noted by many later authorities (see Gesher Ha-Chaim chap. 21; Binyan Zion no. 62; Penei Baruch p. 458).

(b) For purposes of kiruv one can be lenient, because this is for a mitzvah (see for instance Minchas Shlomo Vol. 2 p. 359).

(c) This does not make a difference.

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