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Beliyos of Water

The M”A paskens in the beginning of Siman 318 (bringing from the Rashba) that not only the food cooked on Shabbos becomes ossur but also the pot itself. See M”B SIf-Katan 4 that brings this din and says that it’s ossur to cook in the pot because it’s “baluah m’davar ha’ossur lo”.

Seems to be the problem is because of blias, i.e. “tam”. What about if someone would cook in the pot water. For sure the water is ossur, but is the pot also ossur? What “blias” or “tam” is there when it comes to water?


The kettle does not become assur, because water has no taste, and therefore the kettle cannot impart the “taste” of water to other things (or to water itself).

Therefore, one does not have to be concerned for using a kettle that has been used on Shabbos (even intentionally), because the beliyos of water cannot prohibit it.

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  1. Although I believe this is also correct in savarah do we have a clear mareh makom or something to back it up? Perhaps this kanas of issur is somewhat different (even though the M”B describes the problem of the pot being “baluah” from issur.

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