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Mashkim for Hag’alah

It says in SA OC Siman 452 Sif 5 (Rema) that b’dieved it helps to make hagales celim in “shar mashkim”. However the Rema writes that if someone had made hagaleh on a lot of celim and from the rov plitas hacelim the mayim came like “tzir” one shouldn’t make hagaleh in that water. In the M”B there Sif-Katan 27 he writes this is even b’dieved. The reason is is because at this point there is no more coach in the mayim to be maflit what is balu’ah inside of the cli. However why shouldn’t hagaleh in such mayim and tzir be like that of shar mashkim that b’dieved it would be good?


The assumption here is that the water can become “saturated” with belioyos, and is therefore no longer suitable for hag’alah.

Other mashkim are not saturated with beliyos, and therefore can be used for hag’alah.

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