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Hag’alah of Dirty Dishes

When doing hagalah,can one just be pogem any mamashus that is on the keli instead of cleaning it? Is there an issue of hagalah not working on the part of the keli that is behind the food and is there an issue of being mevatel issur lechatchila?

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We do find a concept of chatzitzah concerning hag’alas keilim (see Shulchan Aruch 422:3; Chayei Adam 125:31), and this will apparently apply even where solid food is stuck to the keli.

The problem poskim mention is that the effect of boiling won’t reach the part of the keli that is behind the chatzitzah.

Although there is room to distinguish between hard and soft foods, poskim stress that the keli should be cleaned well before the hag’alah process is undertaken.

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