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New Decree for Davar Charif

The SA in YD Siman 97 Sif 1 (the makor is a braisa in Pesachim Daf 30) says that one should not knead together a dough with milk, lest they come to it together with meat. If one did do this then they may not eat the bread, even by itself.

The question was asked. Why wasn’t a similar gezerah made in regards to a “davar charif” (See beginning of SA YD Siman 96) that is cut with a “meaty knife” that the davar charif would be then ossur to eat together with milk. Why wasn’t a gezera made that one shouldn’t do this, lest they come to eat it with milk. And even more that after the fact we would say the davar charif would be ossur to eat by itself.


The decree was only made concerning bread, because it is ordinary to eat bread together with meat, and therefore there is a concern that one will come to mix meat and dairy.

This concern does not apply to other foods, and no decree was made on them.

In the same sense, no decree was made on a dairy davar charif, and this is the more true of a meaty davar charif (it isn’t the norm to eat hot foods with milk).

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