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Utensils After Twelve Months

What should one do, if one isn’t sure (due to inadvertence/mistakes in storing it) whether pesachdike dishes/cutlery are milchig or fleishig? Is there something like a ‘jud-beis choidesh’ concept to rely on? – Gutn moed!


Under the circumstances the best advice is to perform hag’alah – immersing in boiling water – and this will help for using the utensil anew.

It is true that the Chacham Zvi (75) and later authorities (Maharsham 2:141 and others) write that after a year the beliyos are no longer considered present, this is not relied on for using the utensils lechatchilah, but only on a bedieved level.

Best wishes.

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  1. Why not to answer in plain english.
    I am sure that majority of people asking this kind of question (like myself) are not familiar with all the Hebrew words and concepts.
    I do not understand your answer.

    1. Apologies. The Hebrew in the answer was intended to match the Hebrew in the question.
      The answer states that hag’alah, meaning immersion in boiling water, should be performed.
      The twelve-month issue does exist, but it is not relied upon on an ex-ante level, and only on an ex-post level, where the utensil was already used or under extenuating circumstances.
      Best wishes.

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