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Believing Single Witness for Kashrus

I know there is a problem with “eid echad neeman” when food is sold because of negiah. My question pertains to someone renting a room in Israel. The owners are frum and mehadrin, but sell Shabbos meals to the renters. Do they require a hechsher because they are selling or are reliable because they eat out of the same kitchen themselves?


The owners can be relied on for purposes of kashrus.

The reason for this is that the principle whereby one witness is believed for Issurin applies even when he has a monetary gain, with the exception of certain cases (see Rosh, Gittin 5:12; Achiezer 1:14).

Thus, we find that a shochet is believed to say that all the animals in his store are kosher, and the same applies to your case.

In general, unfortunate experience has taught us that it remains better to have proper supervision (for stores and the like), but under the circumstances you can certainly rely on a trustworthy testimony.

Best wishes.

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