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Netilas Yadayim Before Torah shiurim

Two questions:
1. My cleaning lady cooked eggs in a fleishik frying pan then ate them on milchik plate with milchik fork. What do I do with plate and fork?
2. Second, I know you have to wash netilat yadayim before you study Torah but is that only when you are handling sepharim or also when listening to Torah shiurim on- line or on audio mp3s?

Many thanks.


1. Provided the pan was clean, there is no problem, and the plate and fork remain dairy.

2. There is a dispute among authorities as to the status of learning Torah by thinking alone (not speaking). According to the Vilna Gaon and some other authorities, thinking about Torah study has the full status of Torah study, and therefore one should wash hands (and recite the blessing over Torah) before hearing Torah shiurim.

Best wishes.

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  1. 1) does it make any differense whether the frying pan was used during the last 24hours and the eggs were still hot when using the fork?
    2) should one say the blessing each time before learning Tora or is one time in the morning enough?

    thx in advance

    1. 1. No, it remains fine because this is a nat-bar-nat.
      2. Once in the morning is enough for the entire day.
      Best wishes.

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