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Meaning of OUD


Just the following question.

I’d like to know what the meaning of O U D is in case there are no diary elements in the ingredient list of the product?

Thank you in advance for helping me out here , since I’m traveling in the US right now and I am carefull about chalav Israel.
May I eat those products?

Thank you very much.

Ronnie Ekstein


OUD means that the product is dairy, and contains non-chalav Yisrael milk. This can be powdered milk, or actual milk, and this can be ascertained by checking the ingredients.

If you are careful to avoid non-chalav Yisrael milk (and powdered milk), you should avoid the product.

Please see also the comment below.

Best wishes.

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  1. Hello,

    May be you did not understand whole my question.

    Some products don’t show any milk on the ingredients list.

    Some one told me that those products are only prepared in a fatcory where there are also diary products being manufactured or that these products were prepared in the same kaylim where diary products are being manufatured.

    i’m talking about these products.

    Can you think it over again please, since I don’t think there is mill be’en. Maybe some bli’ot??

    Thanks again,

    Ronnie Ekstein

    1. For products that don’t show any milk on the ingredients, it stands to reason that the food is actually parev, and the OUD symbol means that the food was made with dairy equipment. This means that the food should not be eaten together with meat, but there is no problem of chalav akum. It is best to call the OU hotline (212-613-8241) to confirm that there are not actual dairy ingredients in the product. Best wishes.

  2. L’kavod Harav,

    The OU did away with there OU DE (dairy equipment) years ago and writes OUD on many products that are just dairy equipment. People can call the OU to confirm which products are actually OUDE as many products with OUD on them don’t actually contain anything dairy. The OU Kosher Hotline is 212-613-8241.

    1. Thanks very much for this information, which I was not aware of. I hope it will be useful and have referenced it in the answer.
      Best wishes as always.

  3. There are those that consider the American milk as isura bola since most poskim consider the dairy cows that have had the DA surgery performed on them treif. There is no shishim knegged those cows.

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