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Covering Hair

I was born Jewish but not-observant until my husband died 5 years ago. (We were married 43 years). Since his death I have been working toward becoming more observant, taking on just a few mitzvahs at a time (keeping kosher, learning prayers in Hebrew etc)

I would like to begin covering my hair in my husband’s honor, but I wasn’t sure if this is appropriate given that I did not do so while he was alive. Does halacha address this?

Thanks for your help.


It is fine and appropriate for you to begin covering your hair, even if this was not your practice while your husband was alive.

Covering hair is an element of the halachah, and like all other elements, past observance does not bear on present or future observance.

It is certainly moreover a zechus for your husband.

Congratulations on your gradual entry into the Torah world, and good luck for the future.

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