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Pouring from non-Kosher Mug

The walls of my sukkah don’t go all the way up to the schach (the schach rests on a separate pergola frame), but they do go up 95% of the way. Is that kosher?

Also, I have a non-Jewish co-woker that uses my kosher kettle. He pours the water in his non-kosher mug to measure how much water he wants to boil and then pours it into the kettle. Does that make the kettle treif? What about the steam from the kettle when he pours it BACK INTO the treif mug?

Thank you!!


1. This is 100% fine. There is no problem with walls that don’t reach all the way up to the Sechach.

2. The kettle does not become treif, because we don’t know that it was used for actually non-kosher foods, and even if it was, there is no reason to think that this was in the last 24 hours, so that the “taste” is pagum and does not transfer (moreover, it will only be nat bar nat – but there’s no reason to get into this).

However, the use for non-kosher foods is possible (such as instant soups), and therefore this should preferably be avoided.

Best wishes.

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