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Man (or daughter) Forgot to Light Shabbos Candles

1. If a man is divorced and he forgot to light Shabbos candles, is there a knas for him?

Also, when his daughter, who is above Bas-Mitzva, comes for Shabbos, she is the one who lights the candles: 2) Is that OK? 3) If once she forgot, does she have to light an extra candle for the rest of her life?

Thank you and have a good Shabbos.


1. The Rema (Orach Chaim 263:1) cites the custom that a woman who forgets to light should light an extra candle each week.

It can be argued that this applies even to men, but it is possible that it applies only to women, because the mitzvah is special to them. Shemiras Shabbos Kehilchasa (43:note 35) writes that this is a matter of doubt, and Rav Chaim Kanievsky is cited as ruling that the custom does not apply to men (see Shabbos Le-Yisrael p. 474).

One can therefore be lenient in this matter, and there is no need to light an extra candle after forgetting.

2. This is fine.

3. No, she does not. Your daughter doesn’t light every week, and she is not responsible for the lighting, so that the principle will not apply to her.

Best wishes.

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