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Taking Care of Father

My Dad is 80 years old and lives in the New England area where there are no synagogues closer than two hours away. My first question actually has to do with helping my Dad. He is failing some and lives by himself, does not walk in the ways of our forefathers. He is not Jewish but my husband and I have returned and walk out Torah. We eat only kosher products, he does not. My question is if we are to help take care of him, it will be impossible to kasher the kitchen, etc., how do we honor him and keep Torah in the sense of eating clean at the same time? The Scriptures tell us to come out of her and touch no unclean thing. This creates a dilemma for us. Can you help? The second question is that because we were not raised in the ways of our forefathers, we, in turn, swallowed a lie and did not circumcise our son who is now 33 and my husband was circumcised the day he was born and not on the 8th day. Can that be rectified?


Concerning your father, you can certainly take care of him; you only have to be careful that the foods you eat are kosher, and cooked in kosher utensils.

If you can’t make the kitchen kosher (e.g. the oven), use a microwave, which can be kashered (see here).

You can also use disposable dishes where necessary etc.

I have already answered separately concerning the circumcision issue.

Best wishes once more.

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