Shalom, in terms of the discussion of Pat Habaah Bkisnin, the Mishna Berura points out that Pashtida requires a Hamotzi always regardless of the amount eaten since it is a meal food. Why then, do we not make a Hamotzi on pancakes or waffles which are Pat Habaah Bkisnin, but are normally eaten as a meal?


Some people raise this claim with respect to pizza: Because it is generally eaten as a meal, it cannot be mezonos even if it is kneaded with juice etc. This will not be true of burekas, however, which are often eaten as a “snack” (it can be argued that a triangle of pizza is also eaten often as a snack; see Halacha Berurah Vol. 8).

I think that pancakes and waffles are sometimes eaten as snacks, and are not exclusively or predoninantly “meal foods.” However, if it is, then the claim will be true. The halacha, in this case, depends on the changing custom of eating and of meals.

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