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Reading Novels in Halachah

Thank you for your very quick response to my question about rading secular books. I am not sure how the “history of kings” appeared, as I don’t believe that I had written this in my question.

To clarify: What are “sichos chullin” which the Shulchan Aruch mentions in Siman Shin Zayin, Halacha Tes Vav? The SA mentions that it is assur to read “sichos chullin,” even during the weekdays.

Do sichos chullin refer to stam, novels that one would wish to read for enjoyment, etc. I am only referring to reading for recreational purposes, not as a primary focus. Or, do sichos chullin refer to soething specific (a specific type of literature).
Thank you very much.


I mentioned the “history of kings” because it is mentioned in the same se’if (307:17).

The answer will be the same. The Shulchan Aruch is referring to writings that are without purpose.

If a constructive purpose of recreation is accomplished by reading, it is permitted to read novels etc. (and this of course is the common custom).

However, one should know where to draw the limit between “constructive recreation” and “wasting time.”

Best wishes again.

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