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Brokerage for New Investor

I brokered a deal between an investor and a friend of mine who has a business about 2 years ago, at the time i did tell both parties that any future deals between the two must be done thru me as a broker.Recently i found out that the investor brought another investor to invest with my friend and a deal was made,My shayleh is as follows do i have a right to get a brokerage fee on this new deal although it wasent directly from from the original investor it was only an other investor and when i made up originaly is included this,or what i made up originaly is only on the original investors money ?
Another shayla about the 3 weeks, may one cut hairs in ones ears and nose during the 3 weeks is that included in the isser of taking a haircut? and may one listen to slow or sad music that doesent at all bring any happy emotion rather sad emotions or emotions of chizuk? thank you


It doesn’t sound like you will be able to claim brokerage on this new deal. Your arrangement with the parties was limited to future deals between them, and not to bringing in new partners for new deals.

It is permitted to cut nose and ear hair during the three weeks. One can also be lenient for slow and sad music for the purposes mentioned.

Best wishes.

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